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Indian Council of Education is a Non-Profit Organization based in India having the ECOSOC Status with the United Nations for working in the field of Education and Women Development.

Indian Council of Education (ICE) is an International Organization of Indian in India and abroad. Its head office is in New Delhi with offices in Europe and North America and affiliate offices in Asia and Africa. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a primary aim to work for the masses in the field of education, health, welfare and human rights.

ICE was established in 1985 with the purpose of working for the promotion of social consciousness among the masses, particularly among the economically weaker and socially backward sections of the Indian Society against the prevailing evils and to make them aware about the significance of education as an instrument of economic, social and cultural emancipation and change. The organization encourages among people collective initiatives against social problems as impinge upon the quality of human life.

ICE is an organization for providing assistance and guidance to educational institutions and for undertaking welfare programmes like education, women- vocational training centers, nursery and kindergarten classes for children of working mother and day care centers for dependent children of destitute mothers.

Indeed, with the growing problem of alcoholism, drug abuse and health problems in educational institutions, the Council has taken upon itself the tasks of awareness building and community education, identification, referral, counselling and de-addiction, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts and developing medical assistance to the weaker societies.

In pursuance of this, the Council is trying to develop a network among research institutions and non-governmental organizations in the third-world and other developing countries in collaboration with the United Nations agencies and various other regional, inter-regional and international organizations. In 1995 Indian Council of Education was granted United Nations Consultative Status with ECOSOC.

Indian Council of Education, is an independent voluntary organization. The council has been working effectively in the field of drug abuse control and treatment and welfare of the rural societies in the developing countries. In the past a large number of programmes have been organized by the council for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of drug abuse.